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Salesforce Certification in 2023:

The Credential That Counts

In today’s evolving business landscape, professional certifications serve as definitive markers of expertise and proficiency. Among these, Salesforce certifications stand tall, reflecting in-depth knowledge and prowess across various facets of the platform. From the basics of Salesforce admin certification to the complexities of Salesforce data architect certification, these accolades are pivotal in determining the caliber of professionals. 
But why is there a renewed emphasis on the importance of Salesforce certification in 2023?

Khero Witey
Salesforce certification shows a future employer you have a growth mindset and appetite for continued improvement and development. It also requires a lot of discipline to sit down and study for exams and flexes your time management skills if you’re leveling up and gaining certs whilst in a full-time job elsewhere. Skills that will not go unnoticed.
Khero Witey

Khero Witey,

Salesforce Recruiter at

Several factors come into play. For one, the extensive Salesforce research conducted over the years shows a correlation between certification and performance. Businesses have long realized the value of certified individuals, whether it’s a Salesforce developer certification or a Salesforce marketing cloud certification. These credentials aren’t just fancy titles; they denote a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, its utilities, and its application. The certification spectrum is vast. On one end, we have the Salesforce associate certification, tailored for those starting their journey. As we move up, certifications like Salesforce consultant certification and Salesforce business analyst certification cater to niche roles and advanced responsibilities.
Dorian Sabitov
You can find a Senior Salesforce Developer with only one Certification and a Junior Salesforce Developer with 5-6 different certifications. From my personal experience, employers usually require certifications, which should be passed in a specific span of time. Certifications may be specifically required within the companies, which offer Salesforce consulting/outsourcing services.
Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S., Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Certification in 2023:

Reasons & Goals of SF Certification
Importance Update

In September-October 2023, the renowned SF Staffing Agency undertook an ambitious endeavor: a comprehensive survey spanning a diverse group of recruiters and developers entrenched in the Salesforce ecosystem. The primary drive behind this initiative was to gauge the sentiments, beliefs, and attitudes toward Salesforce certification, dissecting its nuances from both a recruitment and developmental standpoint.
Was this certification equally revered by those who hire and those who code? Did it hold the same weight in the recruitment room as it did in the development lab? These were among the pivotal questions the survey aimed to answer. By aligning the perspectives of two integral stakeholders in the Salesforce job market, this research sought to draw a holistic picture. It not only aimed to shed light on the current status quo of Salesforce certification but also intended to forecast its potential implications for the future of Salesforce professionals and the industry at large.
The preliminary findings and subsequent revelations from this exploration promise to shape discussions, decisions, and strategies for organizations, job seekers, and training institutions in the months and years to come.
Salaries, too, paint an interesting picture. Our in-depth examination of the Salesforce-certified administrator and Salesforce-certified technical architect salary reveals that there’s a significant premium attached to being certified. On average, the annual salary of certified Salesforce specialists is 14.24% higher than the payout of non-certified professionals.
As we delve deeper, this article will provide insights and perspectives from recruiters, business owners, and developers, offering a comprehensive view of the state of Salesforce certification in 2023 and its undeniable significance.

The Relevance of Salesforce
Certification in the 2023 Job Market

Salesforce, as a platform, has been at the forefront of the CRM landscape for years. Its continued evolution and incorporation of leading technologies make it a mainstay in business operations worldwide. The role of Salesforce professionals in driving organizational success is undeniable. As a result, the demand for qualified individuals in this domain has grown exponentially.
Dorian Sabitov
It’s an official sign that you have the required knowledge and can perform the tasks based on the chosen level of certification. Thus, it would be way easier to find a job in case you have Salesforce certifications.
Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S., Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer
In 2023, amidst a technology-driven job market, where does Salesforce certification fit in? Is it just another accolade to adorn a resume, or does it offer tangible benefits in securing coveted roles?

Does Salesforce Certification
Enhance Job Prospects in 2023?

Recent Salesforce research underscores a significant trend. There’s an evident shift in recruiters’ preferences toward candidates with formal certifications. Whether it’s the foundational Salesforce admin certification or the specialized Salesforce data architect certification, possessing such credentials signals an in-depth understanding of the platform and its intricacies.
From Salesforce-certified developer roles to positions requiring proficiency in the Salesforce marketing cloud, certification appears to be a common denominator in job descriptions. It’s more than a testament to an individual’s knowledge; it’s often a differentiating factor in the recruitment process.

An Insight into the Current Job Market for Salesforce Professionals

The job landscape for Salesforce professionals in 2023 is both vibrant and competitive. With businesses investing heavily in CRM solutions, there’s a surge in demand for individuals proficient in Salesforce. Salesforce consultant certification, Salesforce business analyst certification, and Salesforce designer certification have become prerequisites for specific roles, ensuring that candidates can effectively navigate the platform’s complexities.
Dorian Sabitov

My own story is very similar to the success story of people who benefit from being certified. I started my career path as a Salesforce admin, passed the first required certifications and that allowed me to transition from Admin role to Developer, which opened me absolutely new career opportunities.

Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S., Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer
Salaries reflect this demand. A look at the Salesforce-certified administrator salary or the Salesforce-certified technical architect salary reveals that organizations are willing to pay a premium for certified expertise.
Kashif Naqshbandi
63% of the certified respondents got a pay rise after becoming certified. A further 91% of respondents who held a certification also believed that certifications made them more marketable, and post-certification employees saw a 26% increase in their annual salary.
Kashif Naqshbandi

Kashif Naqshbandi

Kashif N.,

Chief Marketing Officer of Mason Frank
This not only validates the worth of these certifications but also reinforces the assertion that in the competitive landscape of 2023, being certified gives professionals a definitive edge.

The Ratio of Job Posts:

Certified vs. Non-Certified

A compelling metric that showcases the weightage of Salesforce certification is the ratio of job posts emphasizing it. Our analysis indicates that for every ten job posts in the Salesforce domain, approximately seven explicitly mention or prioritize Salesforce certification, be it Salesforce marketing certification, Salesforce CRM certification, or others.

This disparity underscores two key takeaways:

Employers Value Certification:

Businesses understand the depth of training, expertise, and hands-on experience that certifications bring. As a result, certified professionals are often viewed as assets capable of driving immediate value.

Certification as a Benchmark:

For recruiters, certifications act as benchmarks. In a vast pool of applicants, those with certifications like Salesforce consultant certification or Salesforce admin certification naturally stand out, simplifying the shortlisting process.

You really need to stand out to have that specialization. Top-level companies like Facebook, Generic Electric, Twitter, HCL, Google, and more have a high demand for certified Salesforce developers & admins.

Ben McCarthy

Ben McCarthy

founder of Salesforce blog, SalesforceBen

Upon examining job postings across major global job boards, it becomes evident that the predominant demand in Salesforce certifications revolves around the Architect (48.34%), Admin (35.36%), Developer (26.76%), and Consultant (26.65%) roles within the international employment arena. These roles also significantly influence Salesforce certification preferences within the US market.

Percentage of Jobs Recquiring Certification per Specific Role - Salesforce Research
However, a distinctive pattern emerges within the UK sector. Here, the preeminent demand is oriented toward Designer certifications, which account for 36.59%, followed by Developer at 27.50%, and Consultant roles at 22.07%. In summary, as the 2023 job market for Salesforce professionals continues to evolve, the role of Salesforce certification is more pronounced than ever. It’s not merely about adding another achievement to one’s profile; it’s about setting oneself apart in a fiercely competitive domain, enhancing job prospects, and cementing one’s position as a true Salesforce expert.

Expertise Matters in Recruitment

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Delving Deep:

The Interplay Between Salesforce
Certification and Compensation

In our latest Salesforce research, we delve deep into a topic of keen interest to many in the industry: the intricate interplay between Salesforce Certification and compensation. How does this credential influence earning potential? Let’s explore the data and the insights it reveals.

The Distinctive Edge:

Remuneration of Certified vs. Non-Certified Professionals

The realm of Salesforce, given its significant footprint in today’s business ecosystem, naturally evokes curiosity regarding the tangible benefits of professional certifications. An astute examination of remunerative patterns unearths a telling divergence: those adorned with a Salesforce certification tend to enjoy a remuneration advantage. Statistically speaking, certified Salesforce professionals earn an annual salary that surpasses their non-certified peers by approximately 14.24%. This differential underscores the premium organizations are willing to pay for verified expertise.
Salary Difference for Certified & Non-Certified Salesforce Specialists - Annual, USD - Salesforce Research

Simultaneously, 90% of surveyed Salesforce recruiters confirm that usually Certified Salesforce Developers do not get higher salary offers than non-certified ones.

Beyond Certification:

The Weight of Experience in Salary Equations

While the value of a Salesforce certification is clear, another intriguing aspect is the interrelation between certification and experience, and how they collectively influence compensation packages. To shed light on this, we parsed data from global job listings.

On a Global Scale

Positions that emphasize a Salesforce certification, but expect less than 5 years of experience, constitute 17.52% of the total job listings. On the other hand, job roles seeking a Salesforce certification and over 5 years of industry experience make up 16.45% of the global listings.
Correlation Between the Experience of the Candidate and Salesforce Certification Demand - Globally - Salesforce Research

Within the US Context

Job openings that require a Salesforce certification with less than 5 years of professional experience account for 13.34%. Roles demanding a Salesforce certification, coupled with an experience exceeding 5 years, represent 15.14% of the total vacancies.

Correlation Between the Experience of the Candidate and Salesforce Certification Demand - USA - Salesforce Research

The UK Landscape

The UK job market presents a more pronounced inclination towards less-experienced certified professionals, with 30.05% of vacancies requiring a Salesforce certification and less than 5 years of experience.
Contrastingly, job roles that stipulate both a Salesforce certification and a seasoned experience of over 5 years form 18.42% of the listings.

Correlation Between the Experience of the Candidate and Salesforce Certification Demand - UK - Salesforce Research

Interpreting the Dynamics Certification, Experience, and Regional Disparities

The data not only offers a snapshot of the current employment landscape but also provides an analytical foundation for understanding regional disparities. While the global and US markets seem to balance the weight between certification and experience, the UK distinctly leans towards fresher certified talent.
This bifurcation hints at possible regional strategies or local market dynamics, such as a burgeoning Salesforce sector in the UK that necessitates rapid onboarding of certified professionals, irrespective of their tenure in the industry.
Furthermore, the tangible salary benefits associated with certification indicate an industry-wide acknowledgment of the structured learning and rigorous evaluation these credentials represent. Organizations, it seems, view certified individuals not just as skilled assets, but also as professionals dedicated to continuous learning and mastery in their domain.

Salesforce Research:

Popularity and Types of Salesforce Certifications in 2023

The rapid evolution of the business landscape has necessitated a robust and dynamic CRM platform, and Salesforce, undeniably, continues to dominate this sphere. The multifaceted nature of Salesforce has led to a broad spectrum of certifications, each catering to specific roles and functionalities within the platform. Given the nuanced requirements of businesses and the corresponding roles within the Salesforce ecosystem, it becomes imperative to understand the popularity and demand for these certifications across different regions in 2023.

Most Sought-after Salesforce Certifications

Kevin Michie

Certification is a nice and easy way to present that you’re knowledgeable about something, that you took the time to invest and study. I align this to almost getting a college degree that says that you have the requirements that ultimately made these objectives at hand. Certification really helps to understand what are the great features of Salesforce, how to actually use it to integrate it with other systems, and how to best leverage Salesforce to maximize its CRM capabilities

Kevin Michie

Kevin Michie,

Kevin M.,

Ex-Technology Group Manager at Avionos
In light of the data derived from our comprehensive survey, it’s evident that certain Salesforce certifications have garnered significant traction among professionals in the industry. Here’s a delineation of the certifications that stand out:

Developer Certification:

Topping the list with a substantial margin, the Developer certification is undeniably the most favored, capturing the attention of 66.7% of specialists.

Commerce Certification:

Following suit, the Commerce certification is the choice of 33.3% of professionals, indicating its crucial role in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Admin Certification:

With 16.7% of specialists opting for it, the Admin certification continues to be essential, reflecting the importance of administrative tasks in the Salesforce environment.

Associate Certification:

The Associate certification holds its ground with 16.7% of professionals choosing to pursue it, emphasizing the popularity of this certification type among Salesforce specialists.

Drawing from the insights of our seasoned Salesforce specialist, it’s corroborated that these certifications align with what contemporary Salesforce professionals most frequently seek:
Dorian Sabitov

Currently, I hold the following certifications:
• Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA) (Issued in August 2022), which was the most challenging for me. This certification is quite well-rounded and covers many aspects, which were new to me.
• Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Certification (Issued in October 2022)
• Salesforce Certified Associate (Issued in April 2023)
• Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (Issued in May 2023)

Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S,. Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer
These findings provide a snapshot of the current predilections among Salesforce professionals and underline the certifications that are shaping the domain this year.

Perspectives on Salesforce Certification:

A Recruiter's Lens

The domain of Salesforce is vast, and as businesses continually aim to leverage this platform to its fullest potential, the criteria set for hiring specialists become more refined. In this context, the importance of Salesforce certification and its impact on hiring decisions has been a topic of keen interest.
Meagan Humphrey
Salesforce certification is a wonderful career step if you’re searching for a new job, a raise, or a promotion.
Meagan Humphrey

Meagan Humphrey

Meagan H..

VP of sales and recruitingenablement at IT recruiting and staffing business at Mondo

At the same time, 58% of Salesforce specialists think that having a Salesforce certification is not a must-have to get further job promotions. Approximately 50% of surveyed professionals didn’t get any salary review after they got certified.

Salesforce Research:

Recruiter Preferences and Salesforce Certification

A staggering 98% of recruiters emphasize that the most recent Salesforce certification isn’t a primary requisite for potential candidates. This suggests a broader perspective on experience and practical application, rather than just theoretical or recent updates.
However, when it comes to remuneration, 90% of recruiters opine that candidates holding a Salesforce certification typically do not command a higher starting salary. This challenges the notion that certification alone can be a ticket to greater earnings.
But where the value of Salesforce certification truly shines is in its representation of expertise. An unequivocal 100% of the surveyed recruiters believe that a Salesforce certification genuinely mirrors a candidate’s prowess with the platform.
Adding to this, 100% of recruiters have also confirmed that candidates fortified with Salesforce certification inherently possess a competitive edge in the recruitment process over those who lack such credentials. This assertion underscores the certification’s weightage in differentiating potential hires.
Delving deeper into recruitment criteria, an overwhelming 98% of recruiters specifically seek candidates with a Salesforce certification when considering them for roles.

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Salesforce Certification Among
Applicants in 2023

The Salesforce ecosystem is vast and varied, requiring a range of expertise across its many functionalities. As businesses today demand professionals who are adept at Salesforce’s numerous facets, the number of individuals seeking Salesforce certifications has seen a steady rise. However, this growth isn’t consistent across all regions. Let’s delve deeper into the distribution of Salesforce certification among applicants in various regions in 2023.

On the international front, the demand and significance of certifications like the Salesforce developer certification, Salesforce admin certification, and others are palpable. Around 26.18% of applicants globally possess some form of Salesforce certification. This not only attests to the global appeal of Salesforce but also highlights the platform’s far-reaching impact across diverse industries.

Applicants that Have Salesforce Certification - Global - Salesforce Research

Known for its competitive job market and technological advancements, the USA stands slightly ahead in this trend. With 28.98% of applicants being Salesforce certified, certifications like Salesforce consultant certification and Salesforce marketing cloud certification might be particularly appealing. Such certifications potentially empower professionals to navigate the nuances of Salesforce applications and solutions better, especially in dynamic business environments typical of American enterprises.

The UK presents a different narrative. While the overall percentage of Salesforce-certified professionals sits at 23.37%, it’s worth noting that certifications like Salesforce designer certification and Salesforce business analyst certification could be gaining traction. The UK’s focus might lean more towards design-driven solutions and business-centric applications of Salesforce.

Applicants that Have Salesforce Certification- UK and USA - Salesforce Research

Additionally, discussions around the Salesforce-certified administrator salary and the Salesforce-certified developer salary have also gained momentum in recruitment circles, suggesting that while certification might not guarantee a higher starting pay, it could play a role in salary negotiations and advancements in the long run.
In summation, while Salesforce certifications are undeniably valuable, the nuances in their demand and distribution across different regions underline the importance of understanding localized trends and requirements.

The Future of Salesforce Certification & SF Recruitment

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, the role of platforms like Salesforce in reshaping businesses and customer experiences becomes even more paramount. In tandem with this growth, the significance of Salesforce certifications is poised to burgeon further. Let’s cast a discerning eye on the projections for the future of Salesforce certification based on the prevailing trends.

Projected Significance of Salesforce Certification Salesforce Certification

Nabia Salem
Thinking about the role first and looking for which certifications will make you more employable and add more value to you as a candidate is an effective way of ensuring you’re not working towards certifications that might not be the best option for your professional goals.
Nabia Salem

Nabila Salem,

Nabila S.,

Group President at Revolent Group
Based on the current momentum, Salesforce certification’s importance seems set for an upward trajectory in the coming years. Several reasons contribute to this prediction:

Complexity and Expansion of Salesforce:

As Salesforce diversifies its offerings, delving deeper into AI, cloud computing, and other advanced domains, the requirement for specialized knowledge will grow. Certifications, in this context, will serve as tangible evidence of expertise in these nuanced areas.

Competitive Edge in the Job Market:

With the saturation of many job markets, having a certification could be the differentiating factor for many candidates. As businesses vie for the best talent, a Salesforce certification might become a more common ‘preferred’ if not ‘essential’ criterion in hiring.

Continuous Learning Paradigm:

The tech world is in a state of perpetual evolution. Certifications will likely be viewed not just as a testament to one’s current knowledge but also as evidence of a professional’s commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry changes.

An Increase in Professionals Seeking Certifications

Given the apparent benefits and the growing demand for specialized skills, the foreseeable future will likely witness a surge in professionals pursuing Salesforce certifications. Here’s why:
Career Advancement: With Salesforce encompassing various domains – from salesforce marketing certification areas to salesforce data architect certification facets – professionals might pursue multiple certifications to diversify their skill set and be more versatile in their roles.
Daljit Bamford

Salesforce certifications are the simplest way for an employer to verify both your baseline skillset and your appetite to learn. Understanding how the core technology works and the nuts and bolts of the operating system is very important. I view some certifications as the foundation for a journey of continual learning. Having that starting point and showing your desire to improve is incredibly desirable.

Daljit Bamford

Daljit Bamford,

Daljit B.,

Chief Customer Officer at Bento Tech

Dorian Sabitov
I am well aware of the stories when passing a certification resulted in an immediate salary increase for a developer.
Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S,. Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer

Broader Skill Set:
With Salesforce encompassing various domains – from salesforce marketing certification areas to salesforce data architect certification facets – professionals might pursue multiple certifications to diversify their skill set and be more versatile in their roles.

Pace with Industry Standards: As Salesforce introduces new features or updates its platform, certifications will serve as a means for professionals to demonstrate their up-to-date knowledge and alignment with industry standards.

Lacy Mazalon
We’re lucky that Salesforce is becoming the backbone for most organizations’ commercial activity – it’s a good industry to be in, and this means that Salesforce certifications could be an extremely valuable string to your bow. It’s worth having a conversation with your employer to discuss how ‘getting certified’ could benefit both you and your organization
Lacy Mazalon

Lacy Mazalon,

Lacy M.,

Heads of Operations at, founder of The DRIP

In conclusion, the future of Salesforce certification looks promising, illuminated by the increasing importance of specialized skills in a rapidly evolving digital world. Professionals and businesses alike would do well to recognize and leverage the myriad opportunities these certifications present.

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Salesforce Certification Importance in Recruitment

Research Summary

In the dynamic realm of CRM platforms, Salesforce has solidified its presence as a market leader, driving businesses toward digital transformation. But what about the professionals behind these innovations? How does Salesforce certification weigh in the balance of recruitment and career advancement? Let’s recap our observations and chart the road ahead.

Conclusions from Our Exploration Salesforce Research

A significant proportion of recruiters (98%) place value on Salesforce certification, even if they don’t prioritize the most recent ones. Interestingly, while certification might not guarantee a heftier starting pay, 100% of recruiters agree that it reflects genuine expertise.
Regional disparities exist in the prevalence of certifications among applicants, with figures being 26.18% globally, 28.98% in the USA, and 23.37% in the UK.
However, when juxtaposed with the percentage of job roles demanding certification — 14.24% globally, 11.31% in the USA, and a higher 23.62% in the UK — we observe an interesting dynamic. While many professionals are arming themselves with certifications, not all job roles mandate it. This underscores the opportunity for certified professionals to leverage their credentials as a competitive advantage.

Percentage of Salesforce Job Posts that Require Salesforce Certification - Salesforce Research by SF Staffing Agency

Guidance for Aspiring Salesforce Professionals

Daljit Bamford
My career within the ecosystem has gone from strength to strength, and it started with that first certification. Do I still think certifications are important? Absolutely.
Daljit Bamford

Daljit Bamford,

Daljit B.,

Chief Customer Officer at Bento Tech

For those contemplating Salesforce certification, here’s some distilled wisdom:

Evaluate and Prepare:
Salesforce specialists have indicated that achieving certification isn’t a walk in the park, rating its difficulty at an average of 7 out of 10. Dive deep into preparatory resources, including Salesforce’s official training platform, Trailhead.

Dorian Sabitov

You will need to start with preparing for and obtaining the Associate certification. You need to understand one simple thing: getting certified and passing the matrix of competence will have a significant impact on your career. Sometimes, you may need to earn specific certifications for unique products, such as CPQ Specialist. However, all of these steps contribute to your career advancement. The knowledge and experience you gain will stay with you.
And don’t forget that continuous learning and self-improvement are the keys to success!

Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S,. Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer

Positioning in the Job Market:
Certification can be your trump card in a competitive job market. But remember, it complements, not replaces, experience and soft skills. Showcase how your certification is applied in real-world scenarios, be it in project management, problem-solving, or collaboration.

Stay Updated: 
Salesforce’s landscape is ever-evolving. Regularly update your certification and stay abreast of the latest trends and functionalities

Dorian Sabitov

Every year you should maintain all your certifications, and you will be notified by email from Salesforce. Certification maintenance means learning about new updates and passing the quiz or hands-on challenge.
With each Salesforce release (3 times a year) they update their certifications with new questions, but not fully, just a part of the certification questions. There is no direct impact on the already certified user, but in any case, you’ll need to pass maintenance once per year.

Dorian Sabitov

Dorian Sabitov,

Dorian S,. Lead Author and Certified Salesforce Developer

Final Reflections on Salesforce
Certification's Value

In the contemporary job market, a Salesforce certification acts as both a seal of expertise and a beacon for recruiters. While the percentages of jobs mandating certification might seem modest now, the trajectory suggests an impending rise, especially given the platform’s continuous expansion and diversification.
Nicolas Kadis
Most of the benefits of having a certificate, I think, revolve around the extra knowledge you gain about things you might not have had the chance to work on in your current role. Things like the Salesforce order of execution are fundamental principles you can’t really learn through writing code, but rather by studying.
Nicolas Kadis

Nicolas Kadis,

Nicolas K.,

Technical Consultant at BrightGen

For professionals, it’s an emblem of dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. For businesses, it’s a filter ensuring they onboard individuals who are not only knowledgeable but also aligned with the platform’s best practices. In the grand tapestry of the CRM industry, Salesforce certification isn’t just a thread but a vibrant, pivotal strand shaping its future.

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