• Client: Any individual or organization using SFStaffingAgency.com services.
  • Candidate: Individuals presented by SFStaffingAgency.com for employment considerations.
  • Services: All recruitment and staffing services are provided by SFStaffingAgency.com.
  • Final Deliverables: The final version of any deliverables delivered by our company to the client.
  • Project: The work to be provided according to the agreement between the client and our company.
  • Agreement: The contractual arrangement between SFStaffingAgency.com and the client, including these terms and conditions.
  • Confidential Information: Any non-public information shared between SFStaffingAgency.com, its clients, and candidates.
  • Placement: The successful employment of a candidate with a client.

Services Provided

SFStaffingAgency.com shall provide the recruitment and staffing services as specified within the work plan and scheduled milestones.

Proposal / Scope of Work

The terms of any agreement are valid for 30 days after receipt by the client. After this period SFStaffingAgency.com reserves the right to modify and resubmit the agreement for approval.

Client Obligations

Under the Terms and Conditions for SFStaffingAgency.com, clients have specific responsibilities to ensure a smooth and effective recruitment process. These obligations include:

  1. Providing accurate and detailed job descriptions for each role.
  2. Timely communication and feedback regarding candidates and interviews.
  3. Ensuring compliance with all relevant employment laws and regulations.
  4. Respecting the confidentiality of information shared about candidates.
  5. Not engaging candidates in services outside the agreement without the SFStaffingAgency.com consent.

These responsibilities are essential for maintaining a professional and effective working relationship between SFStaffingAgency.com and our clients.

Compensation and Payment Terms

  • Fee Structure: The fees for recruitment services will be detailed in the service agreement.
  • Invoicing: Clients will be invoiced as per the terms agreed upon in the contract.
  • Payment Schedule: Payment terms, including due dates and late payment penalties, will be specified in the agreement.
  • Additional Costs: Any extra costs, such as advertising or special assessments, will be communicated and agreed upon before incurring.
  • Non-Payment: Consequences of non-payment, including potential cessation of services, will be clearly outlined.


The Terms and Conditions for SFStaffingAgency.com emphasize the importance of confidentiality:

  • Both SFStaffingAgency.com and the client are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of all shared information.
  • Confidential information includes candidate details, business practices, and any other sensitive data exchanged during the recruitment process.
  • This information must not be disclosed to third parties without explicit consent.
  • The obligation of confidentiality survives the termination of the agreement, ensuring ongoing protection of sensitive information.

Changes in the Project Scope

  • Any changes requested by the client that impact the scope of the project will be documented and communicated in writing.
  • SFStaffingAgency.com will provide a detailed response to change requests within 5 working days, including any additional charges and potential adjustments to the project timeline.
  • Minor changes, that are less than 20% of the project cost or deemed minor by SFStaffingAgency.com, will be billed at standard hourly rates. Changes to the delivery schedule will be communicated.
  • Major changes, exceeding 20% of the project cost or deemed major by SFStaffingAgency.com, will require a new or additional proposal. Work will not proceed until this proposal is agreed upon and signed by both parties.
  • Clients are expected to accept or reject any proposal within 14 working days. If a proposal is not accepted, SFStaffingAgency.com is not obligated to perform additional work.


Delays may occur during the agreement, and SFStaffingAgency.com acknowledges and addresses them as follows:

  • Client Delays: The client is expected to make reasonable efforts to provide necessary information, approvals, and materials promptly. Any delay caused by the client will result in a “day for day” extension on each subsequent milestone.
  • SFStaffingAgency.com Delays: SFStaffingAgency.com is committed to meeting all milestones within the work plan. In terms of delays caused by our company, the client will be promptly notified via email.
  • General Delays: Delays that are beyond the control of either party, including but not limited to natural disasters, power failure, fire, flood, labor disputes, acts of government, war, terrorism, or epidemics, shall not be considered a breach of the agreement. Such delays shall result in a “day for day” extension to subsequent milestones.

Evaluation and Acceptance

  1. Testing: SFStaffingAgency.com is committed to ensuring the highest standards in its recruitment services. All candidates presented to the client will undergo complex assessments, including skills testing and background reviews, to ensure that they are suitable for the positions.
  2. Approval Period: The client will have a period of 10 business days from the presentation of a candidate to provide feedback. This feedback may include acceptance of the candidate, rejection, or requests for additional information.
  3. Rejection of Candidates: If a candidate is rejected, the client is required to provide specific reasons for the rejection to aid SFStaffingAgency.com in refining future candidate selections.
  4. Acceptance of Candidates: Upon the client’s acceptance of a candidate, SFStaffingAgency.com will facilitate the final stages of the placement process, including offer negotiation and start date coordination.

Termination of Agreement

  1. Initiation of Termination: Either SFStaffingAgency.com or the client may initiate termination of the agreement. This decision must be communicated in writing.
  2. Notice Period: A specified notice period, as agreed in the service agreement, must be observed by the party initiating termination.
  3. Settlement of Accounts: Upon termination, all outstanding fees owed to SFStaffingAgency.com for services rendered up to the point of termination must be settled by the client.
  4. Effects on Ongoing Projects: Any ongoing recruitment projects will be brought to a close in an orderly manner, taking into consideration the stage of each project at the time of termination.
  • Confidentiality Post-Termination: The obligation of confidentiality regarding any shared information during the term of the agreement remains in effect even after termination.


The liability of SFStaffingAgency.com is limited to amounts paid to SFStaffingAgency.com by the client. The services of SFStaffingAgency.com are purchased “as is” and at no condition, that SFStaffingAgency.com may be considered liable for any damage and/or losses the client may get.

Accreditation and Promotion

  1. Recognition of Services: SFStaffingAgency.com shall be acknowledged as the provider of recruitment and staffing services in any relevant materials or platforms where such recognition is customary and appropriate.
  2. Use of Client’s Name: With the client’s consent, SFStaffingAgency.com may use the client’s name and logo in its marketing materials, including its website, as an indication of its experience and capabilities in providing services.
  3. Joint Marketing Efforts: Opportunities for joint marketing activities, such as case studies, press releases, or testimonials, may be explored, subject to the mutual agreement of both parties.
  4. Promotional Material Approval: Any use of the client’s name, logo, or other branding in promotional materials of SFStaffingAgency.com shall be subject to the prior approval of the client, which should not be unreasonably withheld.
  5. Confidentiality in Promotion: In conducting promotional activities, SFStaffingAgency.com will respect the confidentiality of sensitive information about the client and will not disclose any confidential information without prior written consent from the client.


  1. Independent Contractor Status: SFStaffingAgency.com shall operate as an independent contractor and not as an employee, agent, partner, or joint venture of the client. This status is reflected in the way SFStaffingAgency.com conducts its operations and makes decisions regarding the provision of its services.
  2. Third-Party Engagements: SFStaffingAgency.com reserves the right to engage with third-party service providers or subcontractors to fulfill its obligations under this agreement. In such cases, SFStaffingAgency.com retains full responsibility for the performance of its subcontractors and their compliance with the terms of the agreement.
  3. No Exclusivity: The relationship between the client and SFStaffingAgency.com is non-exclusive. Both parties are free to enter into similar agreements with other parties.
  4. Non-Solicitation: During the term of the agreement and for a specified period thereafter, both SFStaffingAgency.com and the client agree not to solicit or hire each other’s employees, contractors, or clients without prior written consent.
  5. Collaboration and Communication: Both parties agree to collaborate in good faith and maintain open, professional communication throughout the agreement to facilitate the successful completion of the services.

Rights for Work Produced

  • Ownership of Deliverables: All final deliverables produced and provided by SFStaffingAgency.com under this agreement shall remain the property of SFStaffingAgency.com until all payments have been made by the client. Upon full payment, ownership of these deliverables will transfer to the client.
  • Licensing: Until ownership is transferred, SFStaffingAgency.com grants the client a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the deliverables solely for the purposes outlined in the agreement.
  • Original Work: SFStaffingAgency.com asserts that all work produced and delivered under this agreement will be original and not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party.

Support Services

SFStaffingAgency.com commits to providing commercially reasonable assistance and support to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the deliverables within a specified warranty period. Should there be any issues or adjustments needed within this period, we will endeavor to address them promptly. Additional support beyond the scope of the initial agreement will be billed at SFStaffingAgency.com’s standard rates. It is important to note that any deliverables modified or tampered with by a third party during the warranty period will be excluded from our support obligations. In such cases, the warranty will be considered void, and SFStaffingAgency.com will not be responsible for any issues arising from or related to the altered deliverables.


SFStaffingAgency.com reserves the right to revise and update these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such changes will be reflected on this page. Your continued use of our services following the posting of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes.

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